Technical areas

The technical areas, where our attorneys with their long-standing experience in the industry and as patent attorneys in industrial property law have been or are working, comprise a wide range of natural and technical sciences:  

Chemistry und Biology

  • inorganic and organic chemistry
  • pharmaceutical products and their production
  • biotechnological processes and genetic engineering
  • polymeric materials
  • catalysis and catalytic processes
  • papers, printing materials, toner
  • battery and fuel cells: electrolytes, electrodes, etc.


  • optics and light measurement technology
  • laser optics
  • medical technology (imaging systems, catheters, syringes, stents, blood pressure measurement and blood purification devices)
  • sensors, biosensors, and analytical processes
  • remote sensing systems
  • material sciences, advanced materials and their characterization
  • atomic, molecular and solid state physics
  • semiconductor physics and technology
  • surface physics and analysis
  • mechanics
  • fluid mechanics
  • oil and gas exploration, production and transport

Mechanical engineering

  • automobile technology: air-conditioning systems, navigation systems, spare parts
  • tools
  • machine tools
  • material processing (extrusion, casting, flanging…)
  • material sciences
  • process engineering
  • paper and printing technology
  • renewable energy production: wind power plants, fuel cell and battery systems, solar panels

Electrical engineering

  • automation engineering
  • antenna systems
  • communications engineering
  • mobile radio communications  

Information technology

  • communication devices
  • data processing systems
  • software